Many nonprofits are missing an easy opportunity to establish social connections. It’s not neccessary for someone to go to your Twitter or Facebook page for them to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you.

On your website, you probably have a sign up or contact form that you use to acquire addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for your various publications – why not add social media engagement to this page?

On your sign up page, you are really asking to make a connection between that person and your organization. The person who arrives at this page is reaching out to your organization and wants to make that connection, give them every opportunity to engage with you in a way they are comfortable with.

Adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button and a Twitter ‘Follow Us’ button to your sign up or contact page is a natural progression as you adopt new methods of communicating. The functionality of the buttons allows your constituent to make each connection with a click and continue with the process of giving you their contact information and consent to be contacted. While these social connections are important, keep in mind they are still no replacement for their contact information.

There is a slight difference to the interaction when somebody likes or follows you when compared to receiving their contact information. Instead of you receiving their information, (e.g. their Twitter handle), it is their account which is being updated. The end result is when you publish on that channel, that person will receive your message in their feed.

How important is it to you to get your posts placed in a social feed? (answer in the comments)

*Clients of thedatabank can have Twitter and Facebook buttons added to their online forms for no charge, just send a support request.